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Older Fluid Nexus News

This is a copy of older news from the previous website; you can view it via the wayback machine.

UPDATE 2011.07.28: We’ll be updating this website shortly—hopefully within the next week—with a new design, information about the new applications for Android and Windows/Linux, and new features. Come back soon!

UPDATE 2011.06.15: We’re working on an actual Android version of the software, in conjunction with changes to the desktop/mobile versions. Android provides severe limitations on Bluetooth access so we’re having to modify the protocol a bit. We’re also planning on adding support for Zeroconf and Ad-Hoc Wifi. The current, pre-alpha code is up at github. If you’re interested, clone away and/or contact us at fluidnexus [{{at}} fluidnexus [[dot]]} net.

UPDATE 2010.10.18: After a rather long hiatus, we’d like to say that we are developing a desktop version of Fluid Nexus. The code for this and the mobile phone version is available at github. The desktop version will work similarly to the mobile phone version and is written in Python using QT. If you are interested in testing the application (it will run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), please contact us.

UPDATE 2008.12.28: Two important notes! Fluid Nexus was given an Award of Distinction in the 2008 Memefest competition in the Beyond category. Also, I (Nick) presented some of the theoretical background of Fluid Nexus at the 2008 ISEA conference. You can download a PDF copy of the paper I presented entitled Reinterpreting networks of people as fluid for political purposes.

UPDATE 2008.04.14: See information about the Google Android version submitted for the first round of the Android Developers Challenge. (Information about this version has been removed as it’s no longer relevant.)

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